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Product technical specifications

Product technical specifications
This section contains the PDF files concerning the technical manual of our alternators for your technical reference. We believe these documents will be quite useful to you as they update all the respective technical data, illustrate the single and double bearing constructive forms, moments of inertia, efficiencies, voltage dip data, and short circuit decrement curves. All technical data are to be considered as a reference and they can be used for consultation only. Such data can be modified without any notice and therefore they have not to be considered binding. For further information, please refer to the factory with an email to

N°1Generator type ECP28 1VS4 A technical sheets
N°2Generator type ECP28 2VS4 A technical sheets
N°3Generator type ECP28 0S4 A technical sheets
N°3Generator type ECP28 S4 A technical sheets
N°4Generator type ECP28 M4 A technical sheets
N°5Generator type ECP28 2L4 A technical sheets
N°6Generator type ECP28 VL4 A technical sheets
N°10Generator type ECP 34 1S4 A technical sheets
N°11Generator type ECP 34 2S4 A technical sheets
N°12Generator type ECP 34 1L4 A technical sheets

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