Simplified, yet intelligent genset controller technology


Anyone who knows gensets, knows MeccAlte. From alternators to controllers, we are the Power from Within, giving you the ultimate choice of kit that you need. As power generation becomes more about complete solutions than individual products, MeccAlte is meeting the need for single-source supply, providing versatile and robust power solutions for OEMs.

You can now choose MeccAlte advanced genset controllers alongside our alternators, giving you an independent alternative from a global partner. Even if you are not looking for a complete alternator and controller solution –and you only want to buy genset controllers at a good price - we can do that too.

Our range of generator controllers is manufactured in Europe, comes complete with a 5-year global warranty, and offers optional 5G/GPS communication for remote monitoring if needed.

Whichever you choose - single sourced complete solutions or standalone controllers - we’re here to help OEMs bring new power solutions to market quickly and efficiently, serving communities around the globe by making complex supply chains simpler and reducing operating costs.

Whichever way you look at it, MeccAlte gives you the choice of kit you need, backed up by all the support and unbiased advice you only get from the world’s leading independent alternator specialists. Take 360°Control. Get in touch.


The range of smart genset controllers that gives you total control

Our controllers give you 360°control to cover all applications - from single set standby, through paralleling systems, right up to microgrid controllers with embedded renewables. Our range of digital gen-set controllers work in synergy with all our alternator products.

Our digital gen-set controllers leverage advanced microprocessor technology, offering enhanced precision, reliability, and flexibility in managing generator functions.

Real-time data monitoring ensures optimal performance and allows for immediate detection of any irregularities or potential issues. Built-in communication features enable remote monitoring and control, which is particularly valuable for applications in remote or unmanned locations.

The user-friendly interfaces of our automatic gen-set controllers empower operators with intuitive control options. Touchscreens and easy-to-navigate menus simplify configuring settings, monitoring performance, and receiving diagnostic information.

The programmability of these controllers allows configurations to be customised to match specific operational requirements, contributing to improved efficiency and adaptability across diverse applications.

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