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As world-class leaders in designing and producing rail alternators, Mecc Alte’s core strengths of design, technical performance and quality are blended together into a specialised rail product. As train alternator manufacturers, we have experience working with well-respected companies within the railway sector; where our standard product is utilised for rail applications. We also produce specialised rail alternators tailor-made to meet industry standards and customers needs.

Our highly reliable train alternators are operated globally in many various rail demands one typical application is vehicle-mounted operation on trains throughout the UK – such as Bombardier ‘Turbostar’, Alstom ‘Coradia’ Class 175 and 180. Fitted to the Diesel Multiple Units (DMU’s) the alternators provide power for the demands of customer needs in heating, lighting, ventilation and auxiliary power for phone and laptop charging. Rail alternators have also been supplied to form part of a Diesel Electric Multiple Unit (DEMU) traction drive unit, such as the Italian DPA locomotive and many others across Europe. Other typical rail application demands can be met, with products suitable for supply to power demands like air-conditioning, where as a supplier to Liebherr, our 17kVA rail alternators are used on Class 158 and Class 159.

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<p>Image of rail alternators by Mecc Alte, the rail alternator manufacturers. </p>


Mecc Alte also manufacture variable speed machines and DC alternators. DC alternators have been required to boost the on-board DC power, to cover the increased demand for the new GSMR signalling equipment.

Our flexibility as a supplier and manufacturer allows us to produce special voltages where required. Many products from our standard range are utilised in rail applications, for example, 650V 1ph alternators which are typically used in trackside signalling systems.

The diversity of our range coupled with our extensive experience allows us to meet any power demand.


Mecc Alte’s extensive experience means that our customers get technical support from the early stages at the beginning and throughout the life of the contract. 
This experience in RT standards, MTBF data, LCC/RAMS and safety case analysis, and a willingness to provide data in a manner customers are familiar with, helps our partners right from the start.


We have extended our support within the rail sector through our group’s resources with a dedicated traction facility able to provide repair, refurbish and rewind capabilities for maintenance contracts. The Mecc Alte Group is competitively positioned and supports all rotating electromechanical equipment including traction alternators and traction motors no matter the origin, AC or DC. This covers all options with new or refurbished product.


Our standard warranty conditions is 24 months, subject to safety case analysis and maintenance agreements.


Courses are offered globally, either at our well-equipped training centres or at customer premises. These modular courses can be tailor-made to meet your requirements, from basic alternator training to advanced training on the latest digital technologies.

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