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We are increasingly committed to offering a fully customizable range of synchronous hydro alternators to meet high power requirements for the Hydro market.

<p>image of hydro power alternators by Mecc Alte, the hydro power alternator manufacturers. </p>

With over 70 years experience as hydro power alternator manufacturers, Mecc Alte can tailor designs to match specific requirements where a power solution is needed with a flexible product design, built for high quality and highly reliable power solutions.

The Cooling methods, bearings, IP protection, mechanical mounting, & coupling joints of each alternator can be customized upon client request to meet the specific power requirements, along with other critical components.

The speed of rotation (187rpm to 1,800rpm) is individually matched to the application and to various drive systems, such as hydro turbines. In addition, core design elements can be added to the hydro power alternators to match extreme environmental conditions with unique features that can be installed to prevent damage from corrosion and humidity.

In extreme applications, our power range alternators can be built with totally enclosed frames, where the severity of the environment demands a lot more than a standard product.

Mecc Alte has many hydro power alternators operating throughout proven installations across Europe and further afield.

Contact us here to find out more about our services as hydro power alternator manufacturers.

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