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<p>Image of welding alternators by Mecc Alte, the welding alternator manufacturer.</p>

Through its Zanardi Brand, Mecc Alte offers a wide range of welding alternators for all types of metal arc welding. With high durability, they can operate a dual function as a welder or as a generator alternator. Available in AC or DC versions suitable for all types of electrodes, available up to 500a output. Our products are fully designed and manufactured in-house to the high standards of the Mecc Alte group.

Our commitment to quality and innovation is evident in every aspect of our welding alternators, making them the preferred choice for those seeking versatile, dependable, and high-performance welding solutions.

Zanardi is a leading manufacturer of rotating electrical equipment, welders and customised solutions, part of the Mecc Alte group it is company that facilities specialised construction and employs highly effective dedicated design software. Zanardi offer a standard selection of products and also have the ability to provide customised solutions and components for welding alternators. 

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