Our technical knowledge allows us to develop customised power solutions through many different types of alternator. The following list is a brief description of some of the special products that exist in our vast product library, all purpose built to meet a specific market need.


The AL series of low voltage generators use established synchronous alternator technology to develop lower than usual voltages for specific applications. Using 1ph, 3ph, 6ph or even 9ph AC windings for varying degrees of precision, the AC output from these low voltage generators can be rectified to DC through a machine-mounted rectifier cooled by an integral fan. In DC, you have no limit of voltage although typical requirements of 24VDC (aircraft starting) and 48VDC (telecom) are most common. Voltages may be much higher such as 220VDC for use in magnetic cranes.

For the applications, designs exist in aircraft starting to provide 28VDC 750A continuous and 2500A transient power as the aircraft starts. For telecoms a clean power supply down to 2% ripple is possible without the need for complex invertor technology.

In DC, our low voltage generators are regulated by our RT regulator, specific to the DC machines. This regulator can be used to regulate voltage only or to simultaneously regulate current and voltage required – as required in battery charging mode. DC Systems are not restricted to a synchronous speed, so you can have fixed, 2 speed or variable speed within certain limits. You can then use these machines at the most fuel-efficient speed for the engine such as 2200-2500rpm.

The same machines without rectifiers can be used for other applications or where rectifiers are supplied by others – such as 35VAC to give 48VDC off the customer’s rectifier. Here we act as a component supplier to a complete DClow voltage generator system.

Frame design for the low power variations of our generatorsis the same as for conventional AC machines so no changes are required to genset bedframe or enclosure, making a switch to DC very simple.

For more information about our low voltage generators, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, or browse our full range of alternators.


The asynchronous alternator includes a wide range of alternator technology, designed for CHP in parallel to the grid or stand-alone use.

Our induction generators come with specification options including air or water cooling systems; making sure to fulfil the needs and requirements of our clients and their industries. 

Get in touch for more information on our Induction generators for combined heating and power use.



  • Alternators for marine and CHP applications
  • Modified shafts and frames for special applications
  • Synchronous generators with squirrel cage rotor with starting capability
  • DC machines (AC rectified) for battery charging and telecom applications
  • DC machines for many applications such as duties for ground support applications with high ‘S3’, or for powering magnetic cranes
  • Sales of generator components only (stator or rotors)
  • Low voltage generators for heavy duty marine applications
  • Special voltage generator, either AC or DC
  • Basics range of simplified asynchronous alternators available as:
    • 2 pole, brushed or brushless
    • 4 pole, brushed or brushless
  • Variable speed generators

Do not hesitate to contact Zanardi if you require further information

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