In 1947, our founder Mario Carraro, launched a repair workshop for electric motors in Italy. Today, we are a global alternator supplier with over 1,200 employees, producing over 1,400 alternators a day across the globe.

As an alternator supplier, we have proven expertise and experience in research, design, low-cost manufacturing and development capabilities. With manufacturing taking place in Italy, the UK, India and China, coupled with high market capabilities and a powerful worldwide capacity, we offer a fast and reliable alternator solutions service to our customers all over the world.

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We only make one kind of product
We're always totally focused on producing high quality alternators

We’re totally independent
We never compete with any of our customers in the end market

We believe in the power of partnerships
We constantly and consistently aim to be the most reliable partner for all those companies working in the energy field

We’re strategically focused
We offer a single product range from 1 – 5,000kVA from portable alternators to machines for heavy industrial use

We do everything ourselves
and have complete control from the design and personalisation of our high quality products and every single component we use through to technical solutions and after sales assistance


We are a worldwide group providing alternator solutions with our sales plants and manufacturers in Italy, the UK, China and India. Each facility is concentrated on the production of world-class alternators, with complete manufacturing in Mecc Alte SpA and Mecc Alte Power Products in Italy (1 – 5,000kVA), Mecc Alte UK in Great Britain (1 – 3,000kVA), Mecc Alte Haimen in China (7.5 – 3,000kVA) and Mecc Alte India in Pune India (6.5 – 750kVA). This network of factories is additionally supported by wholly-owned subsidiaries based in Australia, France, Germany, Singapore, Spain and the USA who specialise locally in the sales, distribution and aftersales for all Mecc Alte's alternator solutions. We have a vertically integrated production structure; we control everything we do from the lamination die manufacturing right through to the final electronics.

We continue to believe that our employees are our most important asset: professional, skilled, experienced and committed, they remain the critical reason for our success. Our products are so successful due to their high quality and reliability - this is because our people provide real added value.

We employ over 1,200 people throughout the world and we invest heavily into our ongoing training program to ensure that they are able to make a significant, ongoing contribution to our expansion.


"These reasons and the strength of our customers, coupled with our complete dedication, go some of the way to explaining our continuous development."

You have left your pc unused.
With this screensaver we have allowed your monitor to reduce energy consumption.


ISO 14001 Totally Committed to the Environment