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Quality of Mecc Alte alternators in a compact size


The NPE range of compact alternators uses all the same technologies of the ECO and ECP range. They are brushless and controlled with the standard DSR regulation and MAUX system but have been designed as compact as possible. This space-saving range is made as small as possible to allow minimal space impact.

Our purpose was to get maximum power from the lightest and compact alternators and our experts have lavished the C-Type with much more flexibility.

Mecc Alte is a specialised commercial alternator supplier and has additional alternator ranges to meet specific market requirements. These are just some of our additional industrial product lines within our group.

Mecc Alte's small size alternators exemplify precision and efficiency, catering to a diverse range of applications where compact and reliable power generation is paramount. These alternators, available in 2 or 4 pole configurations, showcase our commitment to innovation and technological excellence.

Designed with a focus on versatility, these small alternators are adept at meeting the demands of various industries, from mobile applications to compact power solutions. Whether integrated into mobile generators, small-scale power plants, or auxiliary power units, these alternators deliver a consistent and reliable power supply.

For more information on our range of compact, space saving alternators, as well as our other powergen product ranges, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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