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We are a well-established company that is ready and able to meet the demands of all market sectors. We have a very wide product range developed as a result of our experience of operating in these markets for over 70 decades, including our Industrial Alternators.

Our extensive experience in the power generation industry as well as our diligent studies and thorough research has led to the development of our ECO and ECP alternator range.

The versatility of our products and their robust design means that our ECO and ECP series are formed to meet the requirements of industry and the high technological specifications of applications. They are available either as a single bearing or as a twin bearing with a double support. In order to couple them to a prime mover, it is possible to choose among a wide range of flanges and couplings.

All industrial alternators we manufacture consist of a fixed stator with skewed slots and a rotating inductor fitted. In addition, models above 15kVA are fitted with a damper cage as standard. All alternator windings have a 2/3rd pitch in order to reduce harmonic content.

The alternators manufactured by Mecc Alte are in compliance with the CEI 2-3 file 11111 national standard. This Italian standard corresponds to the European standard EN 60034-1 and to the international standard IEC 60034-1; it is related also to the British standard BS 4999 Part 101; it is equivalent to the German standard VDE 0530 Part 1, and it is included in the French standard NF 51.111. Mecc Alte industrial generators also meet the requirements of international ISO 8528-3 standard (Reciprocating internal combustion engine driven alternating current generating sets – Part 3: Alternating current generators for generating sets) and the requirements of NEMA MG 1-2011 (Motors and Generators).

If you have any questions about the Industrial Alternators we design and manufacture, feel free to call us today.


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