Industrial / ECP3 4 pole (1phase Dedicated)


4 pole generator
1 phase dedicated

The ECP3 range has many product features designed into the alternator.
Self-regulation is obtained through a digital electronic regulator that is fed by an auxiliary winding.
We guarantee an almost constant supply from the generator – under any possible operating condition.
The windings have a 2/3 pitch in order to reduce the harmonic content of voltage.
The entire series is manufactured according to, and complies with, the most common specifications such as CEI 2-3, IEC 34-1, EN 60034-1, VDE 0530, BS 4999-5000, CAN/ CSA-C22.2 No14-95- No100-95.


General Characteristics

ECP3 4 pole (1phase Dedicated)
Power range (kVA)5 - 13.5
Winding codeS4246B3
Overspeed (RPM)2250
Protection classIP23
Altitude (m)0-1000
ModelsPower range (kVA)
1 phase
ECP3 1S45 - 6
ECP3 2S46 - 7.5
ECP3 1L48.5 - 10
ECP3 2L410 - 12
ECP3 3L411 - 13.5

Technical documents

DDS - Dynamic Data Support 

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Overall Dimensions Drawings

ECP3 1S4

ECP3 2S4

ECP3 1L4

ECP3 2L4

ECP3 3L4

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