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Mecc Alte's agricultural alternators andPTO generatorsare used in a multitude of power applications forthe agriculturalmarket, including irrigation and standby power. We recognise that, in agriculture, constant power is critical, and the ability to keep machines working during power dropout is essential.

Mecc Alte offers a wide range of Agricultural alternators and PTO generators, reliability is at the heart of everything we do and the focus of everything we manufacture. We can offer either base alternators for most systems or alternatively complete Power Take Off (PTO generator) tractor drive units.

The PTO generator range is a tractor-driven power unit that includes an agricultural alternator with a control box, an overgear with shaft guard and a three-point linkage support frame.
These PTO generator units are designed to provide reliable backup power in the event of a power failure.

Driven by a tractor’s power take-off, PTO generators are equipped with a sturdy frame that connects by means of a three-point linkage. Characterised by proven high-performance levels and robust construction, with maximum reliability; our range of agricultural alternators and PTO generators have an exceptional starting capacity for electric motors, ensuring they meet the harshest demands when power is needed most.

As an innovative and dynamic company, Mecc Alte is proud to be the largest independent producer of Farm alternators, with the widest selection of any Agricultural alternatormanufacturer.It’s this varietythat gives Mecc Alte its greatest strength in offering an alternator that is proven and renowned worldwide for its reliability and outstanding performance.

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We can assure peace of mind, world-class Farm alternators and PTO generators.

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It’s our proven experience and capability as Farm alternator manufacturers, backed by world-class aftersales support and prestige brand, which makes Mecc Alte the number one partner to fulfil any alternator-driven power requirements.

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