Zanardi Srl has won success at home, as weel as in foreign markets, with its production of generators welding.
The validity of its products from technical and qualitative view points, has brought about a remarkable increase in the export to many European and extra-European countries. Zanardi Srl offers a professional and efficient after-sales service with very skilled technicians and a network of after-sales centers all over the world.
Zanardi Srl, a forerunner in design, defines its mechanical parts in solid design and electronic details with dedicated software.
During the 2007, the Zanardi business has been improved so much that it was necessary to change the main production building for a wider one.

Zanardi is a leading manufacturer of rotating electrical equipment, welders and customised power solutions. We are part of the Mecc Alte Group, which has specialised in only producing alternators since 1947.

We are a highly flexible company, ideally equipped to meet the ever-changing requirements of the power generation sector. We are flexible, innovative manufacturers of advanced quality alternators and components. Zanardi has vast experience in many market sectors and supplies products worldwide – in a very diverse range of applications. The technical expertise and inherent quality that are hallmarks of our manufacturing capability has led to ever-increasing demand within all power generation sectors.


Zanardi is a leading exponent of quality design and employs highly effective, dedicated software. Our alternators have a paralleled similarity to Mecc Alte products due to a maximisation of joint resources and skills. We are equipped to offer a standard selection of products and also have the ability to provide customised products too. All of our welders are fully designed and tested in-house.



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