ECO40 C New Features

Mecc Alte has been totally focused on manufacturing alternators for over seven decades and are proud to announce the features of the new ECO40 C-Type.



The C-Type Series represents a completely new approach to design, both inside and out, that brings various advances and benefits to our customers and end users. We have invested in research, working with the power generation community, to understand the challenges that are faced in achieving and maintaining continuous, efficient and reliable power delivery.

Change advantages:

The ECO40C series has entered in pre-series phase in MASPA and is being tested by some key-customers. As soon as the production pre-series is finished, the lists for orders with conversion to the new series will be opened

It is CSA 22.2 certified by means of the cULus, on the top of the UL 1004 certification. The cULus does include, as per existing rules, UL and CSA marking

The commercial documents of this new series has been issued on January 2021; the accessories table has also been published on the web site (Product page)

The main innovations:

  • New PMG system, retrofittable at any time on option. The new PMG system is called PMG2C: assembly time has been vastly reduced compared to the previous PMG3 model.
  • Parallel device PD500 available as optional with the drooping kit.
  • New design of the terminal box with new AVR access and with improved air cooling, easier to connect power cable from users.
  • New design of the terminal board with reduced length and fast-link reconnection
  • New foot (same flange to foot distance of the previous B type makes the product mechanically interchangeable)
  • New design of the rear and front grids
  • New mould for B3B14 DE bracket with a double foot casted.
  • 4th terminal board available as optional: this could create a 12 pin connection board.
  • 12 leads reconnectable.
  • New busbars on option.
  • New CTs reconnection kits.
  • New VTs reconnection kits.
  • Same ECO40 B dew heater available on optional also on ECO40 C



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