The World's Largest Independent Producer of Alternators 1 - 5,000kVA

Mecc Alte Acquires SICES controllers


In a strategic expansion of global capacity, Mecc Alte has acquired SICES' controllers business worldwide. Effective from Thursday 7 March, all SICES controller design, manufacturing and logistics resources now form part of Mecc Alte's expanded global SMARTECH offer to genset designers and manufacturers.

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Inauguration Event of the "Bosco dell'Energia, in memory of Mario Carraro"


Mecc Alte demonstrates its commitment to the environment and the community by donating a new grove of 350 trees to the citizens of the Municipality of Creazzo, thanks to the collaboration with Beleafing.

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Christmas Cheers 2023 at Mecc Alte SpA


Mecc Alte SpA celebrates Christmas 2023 with recognitions and wishes of serenity for a prosperous New Year.

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Guaranteed Mobility


Mecc Alte reaffirms its support for Creazzo

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Bike to Work


Bike to Work Valchiampo and Ovest Vicentino: Mecc Alte and the Initiative for a Sustainable Future

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Festa di Fine Estate 2023


Festa di Fine Estate Mecc Alte 2023:?Music, Performances, and Solidarity for a Day of Fun and Sharing

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Double Recognition from Confindustria for Commitment to Education and STEM Promotion


Driving Innovation and Knowledge through Collaboration with the Education World

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AMPS Skills and Training Provider Winner 2022


Mecc Alte UK receive an award at the recent AMPS Awards for Excellence for their contribution to skills and training

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AMPS Member Company of the Year for 2021


Mecc Alte UK receive an award at the recent AMPS Awards for Excellence 2021

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