Mecc Alte delivers robust solutions with its new V-Type alternator range


Mecc Alte works hard with its clients to continually develop a high-level of insight into what challenges the power generator market faces with their generator sets and where/how they are operated. And our latest heavy-duty alternator range ‘The V-Type’ meets a demand from the markets for a product that offers increased resilience for use in gensets where environment or operation affects performances and could reduce performance.

Through continually speaking with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and end-users and gathering intelligence, we've been evolving our range with our technical expertise and aftersales experience to bring you our most resilient product. Ever.

The V-Type is built for optimum performance and reliability in tough environments. Having undergone rigorous testing, the V-Type is designed to operate in ‘harsh’ environments, so you can be sure of reliable power generation, regardless of the operational conditions.

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