Bike to Work

Bike to Work Valchiampo and Ovest Vicentino: Mecc Alte and the Initiative for a Sustainable Future


Mecc Alte spa supports the Municipality of Creazzo by sponsoring the “BIKE TO WORK VALCHIAMPO AND OVEST VICENTINO” project. The initiative promotes the use of "sustainable" transportation methods to commute to work, thereby enhancing the quality of the environment and health. Employees who have participated have collectively received 59 gift vouchers worth €590.00.

How does it work?

To participate, simply register on the EcoAttivi app and activate it during your home-work-home commute. The incentive is 20 EcoPoints per kilometer (€0.25), with a maximum cap of €2.5 per day and €500 per year. At the end of each quarter, for every 800 EcoPoints earned, vouchers worth €10 will be generated, redeemable at participating stores in the project. Participants also have the chance to enter the national Ecoattivi competition, with a grand prize of a mini electric car up for grabs.

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