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Dynamic Controller Design (DCD)


Design your own controller front panel and take control of the look of your own unique controller.

Add your company logo, change the colour to match corporate brand, select from different icon sets and add unique design elements to make it your very own controller design.

Experiment with different looks, try different positions for your logo.  It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s intuitive to use.

(Hint:- If you want to match specific Pantone colours you can enter the values directly into the colour select as RGB, HSL or even Hexadecimal values)

When satisfied with your finished design click on the “PROCEED” button.

Fill in your name and company details, contact email and tick the consent box - then click “SUBMIT”.

The tool will generate an automatic email to Mecc Alte along with a copy of the parameters you have selected for your unique front panel. Our experts will check your selection and verify the design can be produced by the label printing process.

A Mecc Alte representative will then contact you directly to further discuss your unique controller.  Let’s start a conversation about Dynamic Controller Design today.

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