We will always be connected

Strength and power come from togetherness. Collaboration and connection create unity.
So, from our family to yours, we wanted to let you know that we are here.

Dear Customer 

For over 75 years Mecc Alte has witnessed many global, economic and political events that have rewritten history and the changed the way we do things. And today, we find ourselves at this point. Hard days are here, and it is very easy to indulge in rhetoric. 

In these tough times, we find the best ourselves.

This global and open ended health crisis is changing the course of how we do business, enabling us to build resilience and importantly, continue to build connections with one another. 

We want to empower communities.  We need to keep the economic wheels in motion. We are committed to supporting you. 

So how do we achieve this?

Ready for business

The protection of our customers, suppliers and colleagues is of paramount importance. I’m proud of all my colleagues, that have re-invented Mecc Alte over the last few days. They talk of the love for our work- the work which is defining us in times of need. Our factories are running on shift patterns to meet production requirements and mitigate risk, and all the latest health & safety practices have rigorously been applied. Our office based teams are equipped with mobile working tools including mobiles, VPNs and laptops so we are only a telephone call or email away.

Global consistency

With our local and global manufacturing footprint we can continue to produce and spread production peaks throughout our network. Delivering consistent quality and reliability of alternators from low to medium and high voltage, 1- 5000kVA. The tenacity of our suppliers keeps our logistics strong. 

Local language

With our network of 21 sales and distributors centers you have someone who truly understands your local environment, legislation and needs to help you keep operational.


Since our first day of business we have built a strong network of suppliers, partners, industry bodies and institutions who can support and navigate us all through this difficult time. We are here to help forge new partnerships and achieve new ways of working to ensure that we support your business. 

These are unprecedented and challenging times for any business and that is why we are pledging our support to you. Focused on delivering value, collaboration and support. 

From our family to yours. 

You have left your pc unused.
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