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Mecc Alte at Career Day Event

Mecc Alte attended at the Career Day at University of Padua to met students and graduates


Mecc Alte attended at the Career Day event - OPEN UNIVERSITY IES (Engineering, Economics, Science) - organized by the University of Padua.

On this occasion Mecc Alte team had the opportunity to let know their own reality and their professional needs to the many young undergraduates and graduates of Engineering, Economics and Science.
Students had the possibility to introduce themselves, deliver their Curriculum and ask all their questions to the team composed of:

  •  Denis Bertolaso ​​(Mechanical quality control)
  •  Elena Formaggio (HR Specialist)
  •  Beatrice Mela (Lean Specialist)

The Career Day - OPEN UNIVERSITY organized by the University of Padua, offers companies the opportunity to make their own reality and their training and professional needs known to young people of the University. The company has a desk available to interact with students and graduates and collect CVs. During the day there is a business presentation workshop and a final conference on the topics of recruiting.

The last editions saw the presence of 4,000 students and the participation of over 90 companies.

In the recent years, several Career Days have been organized, dedicated to specific sectors, giving the possibility for companies to meet students and graduates in different subjects of interest.

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