High School Students Impress During Tecnicamente 2019

A comparison between students and territory companies interested in talented young people


"Tecnicamente", it is an important event organized by Adecco which involves around 800 companies each year, called to evaluate the prototypes made by high school students. MeccAlte took part, along with four other territory companies, at the meeting held at the IIS Silvio Ceccato institute, in Montecchio Maggiore. Here, we were able to attend the presentation of the creations made by the young inventors.

All the projects in the competition stood out for their commitment, dedication and originality. At the end, first place was awarded to the MK001 prototype: a metal exoskeleton, operated by pneumatic cylinders, with possible applications in rehabilitation medicine. At the second and third place have qualified a project for a conveyor belt able to separate the metal shavings from the cooling liquids, and a "smart mirror" that can be customized through a dedicated site.

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