Guaranteed Mobility Project

Mecc Alte supports the Guaranteed Mobility Project


Mecc Alte supports the Guaranteed Mobility Project.

What is it about?

It is a project born from the collaboration between the Volunteers for Creazzo Social Services and the Municipality.

Thanks to a special agreement, the Creazzo Municipality (VI) informs the Association of the need to accompany lonely people, people with disabilities and the elderly to treatment centers, hospitals and medical visits, so that volunteers can offer a adequate transport service.

13 volunteers (all retirees) with 3 vehicles work for the meals delivery at home and the transport of people in difficulty: elderly transport people, children transport for visits and special therapies, children with disabilities to help families accompany them at school.

The Guaranteed Mobility Project is an innovative service with a great social impact.
Mecc Alte has decided to support it through a two-year sponsorship.

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