Corona Virus Statement

Update about CoVid-19 situation


Mecc Alte group is closely monitoring the current public health challenge of CoVid-19 commonly called Corona Virus and following advice and guidance from OMS and the national governments.  As part of our efforts, we are applying recommended health and hygiene practices to all our global factories and operations along with reviewing travel priorities over the coming weeks.  

We are also working hard to ensure up to 100% of production capability in China and Italy, in addition to the full capacity in India and in the UK ensuring that all our customers receive consistent product quality.  

We have a good depth of stock and inventory and at present, we do not have any evidence of supply chain slowdown in any country. We are confident there will be no delays from suppliers. We are aware that some logistics routes may become congested, but we are collaborating with our customers and partners to mitigate the risk as much as possible and maintain supply of alternator solutions.

Mecc Alte has a robust ISO 22301 business continuity procedure in place to enable ongoing operations and ensure we support our customers.

Our local teams are available should you have any enquiries, please contact your local Mecc Alte office.

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