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4 poli

The ECO38 C-Type range has many product features designed into the alternator.
C-Type alternators make the most of energy conversion to produce the maximum power to size ratio.
C-Type is now one of the simplest alternators to assemble, integrate, configure and maintain with OEM equipment.
Our aim was to deliver maximum power from the smallest, lightest and strongest alternators and our designers have lavished the C-Type with much more flexibility.
The entire series is manufactured according to, and complies with, the most common specifications such as CEI 2-3, IEC 34-1, EN 60034-1, VDE 0530, BS 4999-5000, CAN/ CSA-C22.2 No14-95- No100-95.


Caratteristiche Generali

ECO38C 4 poli
Range potenza (kVA) 86 - 420
Riferimento codice avvolgimento T0405S3
Poli 4
Regolatore DSR
Sovravelocità massima (RPM) 2250
Classe isolamento IP23
Altitudine (m) 0-1000
Modelli Range potenza (kVA)
monofase trifase
ECO38 1S4 C 86 - 87 180 - 220
ECO38 2S4 C 88 - 88 200 - 240
ECO38 1M4 C 110 - 111 225 - 270
ECO38 2M4 C 120 - 122 250 - 300
ECO38 1L4 C 135 - 136 300 - 360
ECO38 2L4 C 155 - 156 350 - 420

Documentazione tecnica

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Disegni d'ingombro

ECO38 1S4 C

ECO38 2S4 C

ECO38 1M4 C

ECO38 2M4 C

ECO38 1L4 C

ECO38 2L4 C

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