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Mecc Alte recognised for quality training programme


As a family company we understand the importance and value of people and bringing people together to learn and grow. So, at this year’s Critical Power & Distributed Energy Event we were very proud to be recognised and awarded the Power Industry Award for Excellence, Commitment in Training & Development.

As the world’s leading independent manufacturer of alternator technology, our training programmes have been in operation for several years and have seen many engineers and technicians walk through the doors.

Candidates, including accomplished onsite operators and fledgling apprentices, gain the skills, confidence and necessary experience in the field of power generation and mission critical alternator technology.

A modular syllabus provides a solid platform for engineers, designers and technicians, from a raft of UK and global companies. All candidates receive “hands-on” and tailored content which is specific to individual company requirements.

Our training programmes also extend to our colleagues and we adopt a proactive approach to training and supporting our teams with their career development.

Our investment in people sees many moving from apprentice roles into full time employment with the opportunity for consistent career progression and promotion.

Hayley Bray, joined us in 2017 and is an apprentice in Business Support at Mecc Alte UK’s offices in Oakham.  Focused on developing her skills and confidence in business, Hayley said: “Mecc Alte offers many opportunities to build-on my current skill sets and enhances them. I get to meet lots of customers and learn about a range of cultures and industries as we receive many visitors during the year.”

In this fast paced and energetic world, we appreciate that it is essential for today’s engineers and technicians to have up-to-date information.  We consistently deliver quality information, expertise and relevant detail to help upskill and champion the next generation of power engineers and business leaders.

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