Space Saving Power Launched at Power-Gen

Mecc Alte brings flexibility and optimization at this year's Power-Gen event in Orlando with its pop-up Warehouse Facility and US product launch of the C-Type NPE range.


The new NPE C-Type makes the most of energy conversion to produce the maximum power to size ratio.

By adopting the latest technologies and innovative design, Mecc Alte promises to deliver compact and lighter space saving generators aimed at creating more effective gen-set OEM manufacturing with easier integration, reconfiguration and maintenance.

The range is also focused on delivering quicker start-up and optimum reliability for end user segments, particularly across commercial and industrial applications, as demand grows for portable back-up and stand-by power in the US.

Forecasters are anticipating 9% growth across the US market owing to increased infrastructure development, large scale construction projects, volatile weather conditions, and more demand being placed on the power grid. (Source: Global Market Insights).

Mario Carraro, Director of Mecc Alte said: “The global energy market is going through extreme transition as ageing grid infrastructures become pressured with greater demands being placed on them. While the emergence of renewables and hybrid power models whereby gen-sets are coupled with technologies such as solar, are adding new opportunities for the sector.”

Mecc Alte has seen the energy market shift over the last three years while its been operating throughout the US. As such it created the C-Type range as a pioneering approach to power delivery and generator design.

Carraro continued: “We are very excited to showcase this range to our US customers for the first time. It delivers high level features and benefits through accessible and highly configurable generator power technology.”

The C-type series features four core product lines with six to eight models in each, producing between 9.3kVA to 200kVA in 60Hz.
All products are brushless AVR controlled and have the built-in MAUX boost system which allows 300% forced short circuit current for 20 seconds.

At Power-Gen customers are invited to experience the Mecc Alte world with Italian espressos being served at the unique Mecc Alte pop-up warehouse with exclusive opportunities to see the C-Type series.

Visit Mecc Alte on Booth 3471

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