Mecc Alte Portable: Extending the Product Range

The launch of our new 'S16WHD' portable alternator - a 'big brother' of our existing S16 model.


Mecc Alte is the world’s largest independent producer of alternators 1-5,000kVA. As you’d expect from such a global operator and brand leader, we’re in constant touch with the markets that we serve. That’s why our products, and the nature of the global support that we offer to our customers, are always evolving.

A good example of this is the launch of our new ‘S16WHD' portable alternator - a 'big brother’ of our existing S16 model. 

For products operating specifically in the low power hire market, such as our portable alternator range 1-15kVA, we have now delivered an option to have a HEAVY DUTY double- footed mount. This spreads any impact loads such as those caused by dropping/dragging. In addition, it delivers a higher level of durability around the bearing support and the bearing housing has a steel sleeve that minimises the effects of excessive vibration caused by some traditional diesel engines.   

This year our Italian factory celebrates its 70th year while our UK factory has now been producing high quality alternators for 20 years.

With a full UK support network and global guarantee… we deliver real peace of mind to users who rely on our products whenever power is needed.

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