Breaking new ground with the debut of C-Type at Middle East Electricity

We are very proud to announce the forthcoming launch of our innovative and industry-leading new product range.


Following our 70th anniversary celebrations, Mecc Alte felt it was a fitting time to take a step back and create a new range of products that redefine the alternator market.

The C-Type Series represents a completely new approach to design, both inside and out, that brings a raft of innovations and benefits to our customers and end users. We have invested many hours in research and development, to understand the challenges that are faced in achieving and maintaining continuous, efficient and reliable power delivery. 

The result is a range of industry-leading products that are more efficient and are easier than ever to integrate, reconfigure and maintain. Optimisation and flexibility have been at the forefront of the development process. It should therefore come as no surprise that these products have been designed with Mecc Alte’s core philosophy in mind; delivering better products to the end user, not just our customers, which benefits the whole supply chain right at the bottom line. Our customers success is our success.

C-Type will be debuting at Middle East Electricity on 6th – 8th March 2018.

Come and find out how C-Type will lead the industry and why we refer to it as “the alternator, reborn.”

Register for the show online:

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