Meet the Companies

Orienteering path for students of Engineering, Economics and Health and Safety of Food degrees in Vicenza


On May 14th, from 9.00 am to 11.00 am, the University of Padua and Verona students will visit the Mecc Alte plant in Creazzo.

The visit is a part of the project "Meet the Companies": an orienteering path which will be attended by the students of Engineering, Economics and Health and Safety of Food, degrees.

"Meet the Companies" is an important event that comes from the synergy between Confindustria Vicenza and the University Studies Foundation of Vicenza, with the aim of creating more solid connexion between future graduates and the local economy.

Mecc Alte, as an integral part of its industrial history, believes that it is essential to stimulate research and development, in a world of work, today as never before, increasingly stimulated by rapid and innovative changes. For this reason, we are in the front line to support this important initiative and to welcome all the members of the University of Vicenza who want to visit us.



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