Mecc Alte's 70th Anniversary

Celebrating 70 Years of Manufacturing Excellence


This October will host Mecc Alte’s 70th Anniversary, and to mark this significant occasion an event will be held at and around the Mecc Alte Head Quarters in Vicenza, Italy on October 14th. The Invitation only event is set to be the “talk” of the industry, with it being set in the beautiful setting of Vicenza and the company’s unveiling of their newest products and their planned direction for the coming years.

The event planning and co-ordination is being managed by HQ, who have guided the marketing team which has recently been working on the design elements that are to be used as a focal point in the promotion and exaltation of the event.

Construction of the 70th Anniversary logo and the Invitation design has ensured that they encompass our heritage and values but also highlighting where we are now as a company, and where we hope to go in the future.



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