Mecc Alte Turns Up the Power

The X-Type Series offers greater flexibility and proven performance for medium and high voltage applications


The X-Type Series from Mecc Alte Power Products has been launched to offer a complete range of medium to high voltage alternators with class leading protection systems.

Combining Mecc Alte high voltage dynamic performance and category-leading durability, efficiency and flexibility, the X-Type Series features specialist technologies to create a superior range designed and tested to meet the challenges of our transformational world.


The evolution of the medium and high voltage ranges will further strengthen Mecc Alte’s market leading range of alternators.


The trend for higher power is being driven by demand from conventional and non-conventional sources within industrial applications, construction and datacentres as they turn towards greater flexibility and high performing stand-by power to support their growing power needs driven by data consumption and increasing electrification in global markets. 


“Our Mecc Alte Power Products team dedicate time and experience to fine tune this high voltage portfolio to take our capabilities further than any industry standard.  We want to offer every OEM greater scalability, reliability, uptime and performance across the full medium and high voltage power classes according to application.”

Mario Carraro, Director of Mecc Alte

The X-Type Series also features two new products including the ECO43 and ECO47 medium and high voltage series.

The ECO43 offers up to 1,300kVA while the ECO47 medium and high voltage products provides up to 3,900kVA to deliver high voltage products which offer maximum performance per cost ratio.

Designed using the latest winding and insulation technology, alongside already proven components, the ECO43 and ECO47 deliver durable performance and simplified maintenance for faster installation and improved OPEX through common parts and reduced inventory requirements.

To support a new era of power generation, Mecc Alte’s Power Products Division has combined its electromechanical experience with its close customer relationships, to offer the latest technologies and lifecycle services within the ProteXPlus system. 


As the first to offer true Class H insulation, Mecc Alte have evolved this further and the new protection package offers more than just a level of insulation capabilities to enhance mechanical strength along with high resistance, anti-corrosion and excellent thermal conductivity for ultimate performance and efficiency.


Incorporating a digital AVR to automatically adjust stability setting according to load, engine and alternator characteristics; PMG, stator winding temperature detectors, high water ingress protection IP23, anti-condensation heaters and true Class H insulation system along with a 4 year warranty on components- all as standard- the X-Type Series is designed to offer total confidence and peace of mind for mission critical high power needs.


Each alternator within the Mecc Alte Power Product portfolio can be designed for high voltage applications on land and sea, with a host of accessories and options available. This enables a true-fit for the generator OEM by reducing the need for over specification and unnecessary expenditure on the end user’s bottom line.


For more details about the X-Type Series contact Mecc Alte Power Products.



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