Mecc Alte on top of the World!

Fearless explorer takes Mecc Alte to Everest


We all like a challenge and a story of man versus nature so Mecc Alte were recently inspired by avid trekker and mountaineer Bhagwan Chawale of Pune, India, who wanted to take on the challenge of climbing the world’ highest and most gruelling mountain range, Mt Everest, in May this year.

Everest once attracted only elite climbers and athletes in peak physical condition. But over recent years, the mountain range has attracted record numbers of aspiring mountaineers, including many from China and India, to scale the dizzying heights.

The climb and challenges of Mt Everest are far away from the Bhagwan’s day to day job as a Development Officer for the Life Insurance Corporation of India.

An experienced trekker, he began his thirst for adventure over ten years ago and regularly practices in the Sahyadri Mountain Range near the West Coast of India. He completed his mountaineering course from Javahar Institute of Mountaineering at Pahalgam in Jammu and Kashmir State of India.

On the 17th May 2018, Bhagwan successfully climbed the whole 8850m (29,035ft) and reached the summit at 6:40am.

Whilst at the top Bhagwan took the opportunity to thank all his sponsors, family and supporters who have encouraged and motivated him over the last 12-18 months to complete the challenge. Whilst at the summit, he even took time to proudly display the Mecc Alte flag and take our brand to the top of the world.

Completing the Everest Expedition has taught Bhagwan and his team many things including patience, persistence, hard work and team spirit. These are just some of the values we share with Bhagwan, along with his tenacity to keep moving forward and his focus on reaching his end goal.

Thank you Bhagwan and we would all like to wish you luck for your next expedition.



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