Bright Sparks Visit Global Headquarters

Our head office welcomed engineering students from the University of Padova for a day of learning


Students from the University of Padova visited our global headquarters and the home of Mecc Alte in Creazzo, Italy, to gain insight into the power generation sector and receive first-hand experience in leading-edge alternator manufacturing.

Our General Manager, Mario Carraro, hosted a factory tour to introduce the Mecc Alte Group to the future engineers and he provided valuable insight into alternator design and performance.

The University of Padova is one of Europe’s oldest and most prestigious seats of learning. It offers a multi-disciplinary learning structure which enables students to gain both theoretical learning and professional training with visits and placements. Engineering degree programmes are available in the fields of Civil, Architectural, Environmental, Industrial and Information Engineering.

Whilst at Mecc Alte, the students received presentations with up-to-date information on key trends in power engineering to build their interest in the growing energy sector and support their learning and understanding of mission critical alternator technology in delivering next generation power machinery.

As an independent family company, it is vital to support the next generation of engineers and we were proud to host the visit at our headquarters.

Our focus is to constantly improve the availability of information for our customers, employees, students and engineers to nurture future talent, build confidence and gain skills in the field of power generation and business.



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