Another peak reached

Mecc Alte at the "Top of the World": Mt. Manaslu


Mecc Alte flag flies high on 8th highest mountain peak, Mount Manaslu standing at 8163 meters height.

Indian Alpinist , Mr Bhagwan Chawale waived the Mecc Alte flag @ Mt. Mamaslu. This is the 3rd time Mecc Alte has been to the heights of > 8000 meters, 1sttime on Mount Everest, & 2nd time on the deadly Mount Annapurna .

(Mr. Chawale was unfortunate not to complete Mt. Everest in first attempt and then Mt. Kanchenjunga both > 8000 meters and had to return back due to bad weather after he had scaled  90% of it)

In 2021 he has attended following expeditions :

  • Mt. Annapurna – 10th highest in the world on 13th April 2021
  • Mt. Dhaulgiri – 7th highest in the world ( had to return mid-way from 6500 meters due to covid infections amongst the climbers )
  • Mt. Kang Yaste – 6250 meters, Ladakh  on 26th August 2021
  • Mt. Manaslu – 8th highest peak in the world on 28th Sept. 2021. He lead a team of 10 International climbers.



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