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Mecc Alte 1947 - 2007
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Regulators - Three-phase - Brushless - Electronic regulation (6,5÷2500kVA / 50Hz)

The U.V.R.6/1-F regulator (Universal Voltage Regulator, sixth generation),  the S.R.7/2-G regulator (Simplified Regulator, seventh generation), the DSR and the DER1 may be used without distinction in the ECO alternators without affecting their performance. The first three regulators are perfectly identical in performance although they differ in the indications, technologies and sensing. The DIRCI is a digital regulator, with top class performances and several embedded functionalities.


The S.R.7/2-G regulator is an advanced electronic regulator of small size and economical price, even if it is very reliable. This regulator is equipped with a low speed and overload protection with an adjustable intervention threshold, it works at 50/60 Hz, it has an adjustable voltage stability and it offers the possibility for a remote voltage regulation. 


The U.V.R.6/1-F is built with the same technology as the S.R.7/2-G and aside from having the same performances and characteristics it also includes the following specific functions: 

  • possibility of three-phase as well as singlephase sensing (we suggest to choose this option in case of very unbalanced or non-linear loads);
  • LED's of self-diagnosis which indicate the machine operating conditions instant by instant. By using the optional device called S.P.D.96/A the information gathered may be remote modified and made available; by doing so additional protections and signalling are available.




The DSR is a full digital controlled regulator based on DSP (Digital Signal Processor) that combines function as Voltage Regulation and Alternator Protections and Diagnostic into a very small single board. Digital communication interface DXR allows the connection of the DSR digital regulator to a programming and monitoring device, as a PC or PLC. "DXR Terminal" software, user friendly graphical interface (windowsbased), designed by Mecc Alte. allows users to work with settings and alarms on the DSR via their personal computer.

  • Variable voltage supply: from 40Vac up to 270 Vac.
  • Maximum continuous outputcurrent of 4 Adc.
  • Working ambient temperature:from -25°C up to +70°C.
  • Sensing voltage and software measurement on true RMS value.
  • Voltage regulation accuracy: ± 1%.
  • Single-phase sensing or three phase sensing with optional board
  • Regulation from 15 Hz up to 72 Hz.
  • 4 trimmer for standard settings (Volt, Stab, Amp, Hz)
  • Under speed protection with adjustable threshold and slope level for variable speed applications
  • Protection of excitation over current.
  • Accurate management of short circuit.
  • LAMs for fast speed recovery on the engine
  • Softstart
  • Accurate management of asynchronous motors starting.
  • Possibility of analogical remote control of the output voltage.
  • Hardware jumper for the 60 Hz working.
  • Non-volatile memory for settings and alarms storing.
  • Default settings for the standard alternators.
  • Adjustable parameters on the base of the customer's need.
  • Serial communication interface (optional external board)
  • Allarms list: - Checksum Eeprom - OVER Voltage - UNDER Voltage - Short Circuit - OVER Eccitation - UNDER Speed - OVER Speed - Under excitation




Born as a DSR evolution, it is building is extra feature such as single and three phases sensing automatic detection, higher flexibility in remote voltage control, soft start and a voltage precision of 0.5% in static condition.

  • Digital controlled regulator, based on DSP
  • On-board machine installation
  • Suitable for all Mecc Alte self-regulated alternators
  • Power connections through 20 poles Fast-On connector
  • Protection of power winding with 5A fast acting fuse
  • Signal connections (Pext, 60Hz Jumper, APO) through 10 poles mini Fast-On separate connector
  • Environmental temperature: -25°C ÷ +70°C
  • Voltage supply: 40Vac÷270Vac (from auxiliary winding, output voltage or PMG)
  • Maximum continuous output current: 4Adc
  • Frequency range: 12Hz÷72Hz
  • Three phase or single phase sensing in all connections (Y-Δ-YY-ΔΔ)
  • Single phase or three phase sensing automatic recognition
  • Average value of voltage regulation
  • Voltage regulation range (sensing) from 75Vac to 300Vac
  • Precision of voltage regulation: ± 1% from no-load to nominal load in static condition, with any power factor and for frequency variations ranging from -5% to +20% of the nominal value.
  • Precision of voltage regulation: ± 0,5% in stabilized conditions (load, temperature).
  • Transient voltage drop and overvoltage within ± 15%
  • Voltage recovery time within ± 3% of the value set, in less than 300 msec.
  • Programmable Soft start
  • Parameters: VOLT, STAB, AMP and Hz settable by trimmers (default), 50/60Hz settable by a "jumper" (default), all parameters programmable via software
  • 0÷2,5Vdc or -10÷+10Vdc external voltage for analogical remote control of output voltage
  • Remote control of output voltage through external potentiometer (from 25Kohm to 100Kohm)
  • Underspeed protection with adjustable threshold and slope
  • Overvoltage and undervoltage alarms
  • Excitation overcurrent protection with delayed intervention
  • Management of temporary short circuits (start up of asynchronous motors)
  • Open collector output (not insulated) signalling some allarm intervention with programmable activation and delay intervention
  • Allarm conditions storage (type of alarm, number of events, duration of the last event, total time)
  • Memorization of the regulator operation time
  • USB  communications interface (with optional DXRmodule)
  • Compatibile with DXR Terminal communication software (for parameter setting or working and alarm conditions reading)


Same specs of the DER1, it includes natively the USB port for computer remote monitoring and control. 





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