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Accessories - Three-phase - Brushless - Electronic regulation (6,5÷2500kVA / 50Hz)

This device is sensitive to the sudden speed losses of the main engine in case of high torque and this problem occurs especially with overfed diesel engines. The U.F.P.-1 device triggers the electronic control U.V.R.6/1-F or S.R.7/2-G (they shall be assembled together), thus considerably reducing the times and thus increasing the capacity to reset the engine speed thanks to a voltage/frequency multifunction characteristic of the control.

The S.P.D.96/A "remote protection warning device" is an electronic device that, when combined with the U.V.R.6/1-F voltage regulator, shows how the alternator is working, from a distant location. lt shows the following operating conditions:

  • overload: yellow LED on
  • normal running: green LED on
  • low speed: red LED on.

When one of the protections has tripped out, it is possible to control other devices by means of an exchange contact. Furthermore S.P.D.96/A has an overvoltage and overspeed detector. Each detector is connected to an exchange contact which may be connected to external holding circuits preventing these types of troubles. S.P.D.96/A is equipped with a standard anodized aluminium box (DIN 43700 drilling) allowing an easy fitting to the control panel.

The R.B.D.-1 is an electronic device which spots the presence of anomalies on the rotating diode bridge (open diodes, short circuit, etc.); this accessory is available on request. Said anomalies are indicated by a red led as well as by the commutation of a relay which, through an exchange contact of 2A 250V, allows the user to obtain signals, alarms or shutdowns. Through an external 12V battery, it is also possible to memorize the said intervention.

The «Power factor regulator» type P.F.R. 96/1 manufactured by MECC ALTE is a piece of electronic equipment that when fitted to our generators type ECO, allows control of the reactive current and/or power factor of machines working in parallel with the main, thus allowing the maximum utilisation of the plants. P.F.R. 96/1 is housed in a DIN standard aluminium box allowing easy fitting to the control panel.

Anti condensation heaters

Our whole range can be fitted with anti condensation heaters of adequate power depending on KVA. Voltage for heaters must be specified when ordering.

Radio interference suppressor
MECC ALTE generators comply with the main standards of radio suppression. To comply with even more restrictive standards, upon the customer's request, it is necessary to fit special filters in the generators, which MECC ALTE is able to design and manufacture.

Thermal protections
Upon the customer's request it is possible to install one of the following devices as thermal protection:

  • PTC Thermistors
  • These components (which are included in the standard equipment of the 37 - 40 - 43 - 46 type generators) are assembled in the heads of the stator windings and they control the max. temperature. When the pre-set temperature is reached, the thermistors emit a signal that can be used by a trigger device (not included) to protect the generator.
  • Thermal resistors PT100
  • The resistance of this device varies proportionally to the temperature of the winding where it is assembled. lf combined with a thermostat (not included) it allows to set the temperature to the desired value at which the whole protection system trips out.
  • Bimetallic overload protections
  • These devices have a NC contact that trips immediately when a pre-set temperature is reached. lf the temperature decreases, the contact resets automatically.

Parallel device PD 400

The PD parallel device is a unified module allawing ECO generators to operate in parallel among themselves with the tipical voltage drop or with constant voltage. It also allows to operate in parallel with the main eventually with the addition of P.F.R. 96/1. PD is fitted as standard on generators series 40-43-46; for the other series it is available on request.

Intake air filters
Environmental conditions for our generators are extremely diversified. There are some very restrictive standards concerning the protection degree of machines that, in certain circumstances, must be applied. MECC ALTE studied a protection system to be fitted on the machines to comply with protection degrees IP 44 and IP45 of I.E.C. standards.

CSA Quality Certification
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