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Three-phase - Brush - Compound regulation (7÷18kVA)

Three-phase - Brush - Compound regulation (7÷15kVA / 50Hz)
The BTA3 brush series alternators typically have a compound regulation on the three phases and, apart from having a high motor starting capability (motor starting: 1 HP per KVA), they also yield good single phase performances. With delta connection it is possible to obtain 70% of the plated nominal three phase power and 45% of said power with star and neutre connection.

BTA3 series alternators are built as per the following international standards: CEI 2-3, EN 60034-1, IEC 34-1, VDE 0530, BS 4999-5000, NF C 51.111, CAN/CSA - C 22.2 N°100-95. BTA3 alternators are available in two- and four-pole versions and can operate at 50 Hz and 60 Hz. In the four-pole version the stator is skewed while in the two-pole version the stator is straight but the rotor is skewed. The windings are short pitched in order to reduce harmonic content.

Technical characteristics
Code Pole Rating cl. H kVA at 50 Hz Rating cl. H kVA at 60 Hz Download
BTP3 4 7 ÷ 15 8,4 ÷ 18 Technical Specification

CSA Quality Certification
Rina Quality Certification
CE Quality Certification
Lloyd Register Quality Assurance
ABS Quality Certification
Bureau Veritas Quality Certification
DNV Quality Certification
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